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The Business Solutions Builder provides an integrated suite of web services for managing business operations and currently includes:

Default Reporting Application


The Default Reporting Application enables attorneys to report default data to Fannie Mae.

To gain access to DRA, your firm's security administrator should use Fannie Mae's Technology Manager to grant your Fannie Mae Single-Sign-On (SSO) account access to the DRA application, granting you membership to the DRA Attorney role.

NOTE: Starting January 9, users will see multifactor authentication (MFA) registration screens after logging in to Fannie Mae browser-based applications. To ensure uninterrupted access, register by selecting one or more MFA methods before February 26, 2023, when the use of MFA will be required. MFA will be skippable for end users until February 26.  Learn More Here

If you have trouble using the application, you can email to reach our support desk. During business hours (8am to 8pm ET), you may also call us at: 949-525-9000 ext 2.

To learn more about the Default Reporting application including job aides and other resources, please visit the following page: Default Reporting Application | Fannie Mae